Who the F* Are you?

So, my previous post was about me and how I expect people to ask who and why I think what I am. But since it takes two to Tango, be prepared to tell me who the heck you think you are if you plan to scrutinize me.

In 1998, I was invited to become a member of the illustrous Carnegie Club at Skibo Castle by Peter De Savory, then owner and founder of this amazing piece of “heaven on earth”. At breakfast, I  asked him what keeps him grounded, and he said… “Neal, I don’t believe in my own bullshit.” Now, what did this mean? I’ll give you an example.

I have stated that I am determined to become the world’s richest man by 2020. According to most of you, this is pure BS. Yes, but it is MY bullshit, and I don’t believe in it in abstract ways. I don’t believe in black/white. I believe that my vision and ambition will change over the years, and they may be completely metamorphosed come 2020.

So, Mr. or Ms. Reporter, dear potential investor, respected reader… whoever you are, I don’t care a hoot if you think that I am full of bullshit, because I just may think you are too. Self-importance is importance given to you by who? By you!

I remember a reporter’s article about me, where he called one of my plans a tall tale. But who the fuck is he? What did he do other than criticize other people? What else has this person achieved other than dicking around with his pencil/keyboard? Ok, critize me if you have valid points, but to call my plan a tall tale in 2003 because it was too big for your small brain to process shows more of your weakness than mine. Doesn’t it? And guess what, my projects today are much bigger than the ones I imagined in 2003. Our USA project is estimated to cost $40B over a 6-year spread, which means it is the largest project ever by a privately owned company. Tall tale? You’ll see.

So, let’s make a deal. Whenever someone criticizes me, I’ll respond, “OK, but tell me first, who and what the fuck are you to criticize me?”

It doesn’t matter whether you are a millionaire, politician or doctor… being successful doesn’t mean that you are a nice, humane and humble person. Thus, everyone who wishes to engage in a conversation with me, be it a reporter, janitor, blue-collar worker or gazillionaire, should be prepared to show me your mental and humane capacity.

If you’re a faker, I’ll prick through your bubble. If you’re genuine, I’ll be more than happy to comply. If you’re a hater, I’ll laugh at you. If you think you’re powerful, I’ll laugh even harder. If you are a competitor looking to hurt me, I’ll destroy you. But, if you are friendly, you may find a good new friend in me. And when friends crack a joke at my cost, I laugh with them… at me.

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